Cluster activities have evolved as a fruitful and effective way to encourage collaboration among various organizations and to facilitate the efficient exchange of knowledge between them. Through the formulation of collaboration hubs, European funded projects, have the opportunity to gain knowledge and interact with the other parties, as well as to build on each other’s results over time. Moreover, clusters enable the involved projects to share data, findings and results among them, exchange rapid feedback on research activities, and reach a wider audience to communicate and promote their outcomes through the expansion of their individual networks.

In the context of such innovation clusters, projects can follow a co-creation approach and evaluate work as it progresses, address common issues, and implement common strategies for further improvements. Such actions can be effectively supported and further promoted through the organization of joint events such as conferences, webinars, workshops etc.

FORESIGHT, SPIDER and Cyber-MAR projects have a lot in common:  their philosophy, basic objectives, concept and vision.

Each one of these projects is involved in the implementation of innovative cyber-range platforms, aiming to upgrade their end users’ skills, increase cyber awareness and preparedness level, improve cyber-threat training and at the same time aim to offer reliable and advanced econometric and risk analysis tools.

FORESIGHT, Cyber-MAR and SPIDER are united towards their vision to raise awareness on cybersecurity and promote the use of cyber ranges. In this context, these three projects have initiated a collaboration between them, aiming to expand it throughout the three projects’ lifetime.