Scenario 1

Energy sources in the port of Valencia

The main attack scenario is focused on a local or remote access attack on energy management system, simulating the normal operation of the electrical grid, while onsite manual intervention is altering the process. The main objective of this attack is to cut off the power supply to the port and avoid the emergency power supply systems from automatically starting up. In coherence with the next scenario, the simulation will take place in a port container terminal.

Scenario 2

SCADA system in Port Container terminal

This scenario is complementary to the previous one, but focuses on the movement of containers within the terminal. In particular, the simulation will cover a local access attack on gantry control systems through wireless maintenance network and potential disruptions ranging from operational efficiency degradation to life-threatening safety issues due to loss of control of gantry cranes. A risk analysis will be conducted for assessing a cascading effect in the railway provider’s network (PEARL is the involved partner) cascade effect.

Scenario 3

Vessel navigation and automation systems

This scenario will simulate and validate cyber-attacks affecting to different vessel systems.