48 Deliverables are produced within the Cyber-MAR project and present the project’s results and outcomes, while being reviewed by the project experts. Once they are officially released, the Public Deliverables (PU) will be provided on this section.

Del. No Deliverable Title Diss. Level M Leader
D1.1 1st Progress Report CO 12 ICCS
D1.2 2nd Progress Report CO 24 ICCS
D1.3 3rd Progress Report CO 36 ICCS
D1.4 AB Management Board CO 35 ICCS
D2.1 State of the art Cyber-range technologies analysis PU 5 NG
D2.2 User requirements and Use Cases CO 6 PCT
D2.3 System Requirements and Functional Specifications CO 7 DIATEAM
D2.4 System Design and Architecture CO 8 NG
D3.1 Cyber-MAR Cyber-range component CO 30 DIATEAM
D3.2 D3.2 Cyber-MAR IDS/IPS module CO 28 VTT
D3.3 Monitoring and Detection Data Fusion, Analytics and Intelligence Extraction CO 28 ICCS
D3.4 Situational awareness and knowledge platform module CO 28 ICCS
D4.1 Risks analysis and Cybersecurity Policy Report: Generic approach and declination to pilots CO 12 NG
D4.2 Maritime Risk Model report CO 24 UOP
D4.3 Maritime vulnerabilities analysis report CO 24 NG
D4.4 Econometric model report PU 32 AIR
D4.5 D4.5 Econometric model validation CO 35 AIR
D5.1 Integration kit CO 33 ICCS
D5.2 Final report Incremental Integration (incorp. All stages) PU 30 ICCS
D5.3 Site Surveys & Scenario Planning PU 23 VPF
D5.4 Evaluation Protocol and KPIs PU 23 VTT
D5.5 Cyber-MAR Demonstration and Experimentation Programme PU 33 VPF
D5.6 Training Programme Evaluation and Knowledge capitalisation PU 34 FAIMM
D6.1 Intermediate report on training packages and activities PU 18 WMU
D6.2 Report on training activities implemented throughout Cyber-MAR implementation PU 36 WMU
D6.3 Training Sessions packages PU 36 FAIMM
D6.4 Identification of new Awareness methods, and Qualification tracks in cyber-preparedness PU 36 WMU
D7.1 Communication and Strategy Plan PU 6 SEAB
D7.2 Cyber-MAR Communication tools PU 18 SEAB
D7.3 Cyber-MAR Networking and Cross fertilisation activities PU 36 WMU
D7.4 Intermediate Reports on Communication and Dissemination activities PU 18 SEAB
D7.5 Final Report on Communication and Dissemination activities PU 36 SEAB
D7.6 Conclusion report of Cyber-MAR scientific contributions PU 36 VTT
D8.1 Guidelines for Cybersecurity Training Programme across EU (Intermediate) PU 12 ATOS
D8.2 Guidelines for Cybersecurity Training Programme across EU (Final) PU 36 ATOS
D8.3 Exploitation Strategy and plan (intermediate) CO 12 ATOS
D8.4 Exploitation Strategy (Final) CO 36 ATOS
D8.5 Sustainability Plan PU 36 ICCS
D8.6 Report on standardisation activities CO 36 ICCS
D9.1 H – Requirement No.1 CO 1 ICCS
D9.2 H – Requirement No.2 CO 1 ICCS
D9.3 H – Requirement No.3 CO 4 ICCS
D9.4 POPD- Requirement No.4 CO 1 ICCS
D9.5 POPD- Requirement No.5 CO 4 ICCS
D9.6 POPD- Requirement No.6 CO 2 ICCS
D9.7 POPD- Requirement No.7 CO 4 ICCS
D9.8 POPD- Requirement No.8 CO 2 ICCS
D9.9 M – Requirement No. 9 CO 8 ICCS

“The content of these deliverables reflect only the authors’ view and the European Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains”.