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One of the objectives of Cyber-MAR is to cover the training needs for all professionals (cybersecurity/
IT experts but also non-IT-expert personnel of ports, shipping operators and linked entities influenced by possible cascading effects) and most importantly also to raise the cyberthreat awareness level within those organizations by hands-on training. The courses are available at different levels of complexity (entry, intermediate, advanced) to attract trainees with various levels of experience. CTF is part of the formative offer as a playground to practically learn cyber-attack & cyber-defense techniques by gamification.

The objective of the CTF is to demonstrate realistic and practical cyber scenarios that better inform risk management decisions.

What is the Cyber-MAR Capture of the Flag competition?

It’s a gamified competitive cybersecurity event based on different challenges. The objective of this CTF is to enhance cybersecurity skills at an entry-intermediate level through solving a set of challenges.

Why join?

By attending this competition, the participants can build critical thinking skills, get hands-on experience in a playful set and learn/improve cyber security skills.

Tuesday 7th of February 2023, 09:00 – 16:30 (CET) 

Capture of the flag competition:

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