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One of the objectives of Cyber-MAR is to cover the training needs for all professionals (cyber-security/IT experts but also non-IT-expert personnel of ports, shipping operators and linked entities influenced by possible cascading effects) and most importantly to raise the cyber-threat awareness level within those organisations by hands-on training.

The Cyber-MAR intermediate level training courses and the entry level training on managing cybersecurity took place virtually between 15th and 16th of June 2021.

WMU colleagues, in cooperation with the Cyber-MAR partners, successfully conducted the 2-day training, as the second of three levels of the training programme. The first day, 15th of June, was devoted to the courses: the “Introduction to the Cyber Range (Theory)” [I001] and the “Using a Cyber Range to Understand Risk (Theory)” [I003], while the second day was focused on the Entry Level course on “Managing Cybersecurity ” [EL02].

The trainings’ material is available here.