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World of Shipping Portugal is a privately owned web-based initiative within the scope of Maritime Economics established in 2018 by Ana Casaca, its Founder and Owner. The objective is to “Deliver Knowledge, Training and Translation Services in the Field of Maritime Economics”. In order to achieve this purpose, this initiative covers three activity areas, namely Training, Research and Translation Services.

The World of Shipping Portugal organised the international research conference on maritime affairs that took place virtually, between 28th and 29th of January 2021 via an online conference programme.

More information about the programm can be found here.

Mr. Eleftherios Ouzounoglou from ICCS, which is the project coordinator, provided a thorough presentation about Cyber-MAR porject during the second day of the conference. He described the objectives and the benefits of using Cyber-MAR, he analysed the Cyber-MAR architecture and the technical modules and finally highlighted the Valencia Pilot event as well as the training activities that have been completed.

The presentation is available for reading here.